These are the efficient household appliances that will be subsidized by the Ministry of Economy

Solar water heating systems, washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators are the next efficient household appliances that will be subsidized for all citizens by the Ministry of Economy. However, there will be facilities for families under social assistance and for single parents.

This was said at the launch of the “Public call for the support of family consumers in investing in efficient household appliances and the solar system for heating sanitary water”.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, said that the focus of the Government is also the increase of energy efficiency.

Kurti said that a week ago, the second call of the Kosovo Fund for Energy Efficiency was launched for subsidizing citizens for investing in energy efficiency, which is still open and aims to support about 2 thousand citizens.

The Minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli, said that this year the ministry that she leads will implement the efficiency program which covers the figure of 15 million euros, through which it is intended to benefit at least 20 thousand citizens, while she also gave details for the first two calls that were launched today.

Meanwhile, Alessandro Bianciardi from the EU office in Kosovo, encouraged the families of Kosovo to adapt the saving measures, as the benefits are multiple.

Otherwise, in this conference it was said that the Ministry of Economy will support families with efficient heating equipment, high-efficiency household electrical equipment, and the installation of renewable energy systems.

The fifth measure will continue with the support of micro, small, and medium enterprises and includes the value of 5 million euros.

For washing machines, the Ministry of Economy will subsidize all citizens in the amount of 200 euros. However, for single parents, the subsidy is in the amount of 300 euros. Whereas, for families under social assistance, the subsidy is up to 400 euros. The application criterion that must be met for all devices is that the monthly electricity consumption is 250 kilowatt hours for the last 10 months.

For dishwashers, the Ministry of Economy will subsidize 150 euros for all citizens. For single parents 250 euros, and for families under social assistance 300 euros.

For a refrigerator, the Ministry of Economy will subsidize 100 euros for citizens, 150 for single parents, and 200 euros for families under social assistance.

For the solar system, the Ministry of Economy will subsidize 40% of the investment value, but not more than 1000 euros.