The mortal remains of 3 victims suspected of belonging to the list of missing persons have been found in Prekaz

In the village of Prekaz in Skenderaj, the mortal remains of three victims suspected to belong to the last war, specifically the list of missing persons, were found. This was announced by the leader of the Unit of the Governmental Commission on Missing Persons, Kushtrim Gara, while indicating that it is expected that the number of bodies found may go up to five. This is also confirmed by the deputy director of the Institute for Forensic Medicine, Ditor Haliti, who says that the remains of the three bodies found have been sent for forensic examination, adding that they will undergo forensic procedures for identification.

Gara, told Kosovapress, said that the excavations have not yet been completed, while adding that it is suspected that the remains of at least five people, belonging to the last war, are buried.

The deputy director of the Institute for Forensic Medicine, Ditor Haliti, confirmed that the mortal remains of three people were found and that this number is expected to increase. He says that upon starting the excavations, they found mortal remains, which he says were sent to the IFM for examination and forensic procedures, in order to identify the victims.

Regarding the excavations in the village of Lower Prekaz, Gara also tells the history of how they came to the exhumation process. He says that during the 1999s, Serbian police forces buried about 30 victims, that according to him, after the war, international French forensic teams managed to exhume about 27 of them.

Furthermore, he says that out of these 27 victims, the teams have identified 23 of them, while they also left notes for the four corpses that they returned to this location.

Among other things, Gara says that the excavations in this village mark the 12th location within the territory of the Republic of Kosovo. He added that during this week the excavations are continuing in the village of Shtavall in the area of Senica, in the territory of Serbia on the border with Bosnia, while he says that they are more than sure that there is still a mass grave in this area.