Türkiye’s Togg to produce 28,000 units of electric vehicle by end of 2023

Türkiye’s indigenous electric car firm Togg will produce 28,000 units of its SUV model T10X by the end of this year, the Turkish industry and technology minister said.

Visiting the firm’s factory in the country’s industrial province of Bursa on Thursday, Fatih Kacir said the number of Togg cars on roads has exceeded 2,000.

He said the production capacity will increase by two-and-half times by next year, he said.

Mehmet Simsek, the Turkish treasury and finance minister, also visited the factory and said: “Manufacturing with 90 percent automation is really a great success. It is a big technology base with high technology, extremely efficient and operating in a tremendous way.”

Established in 2018, Togg introduced Türkiye’s first electric vehicle prototype in December 2019.

The firm started mass production last October.