Online payment of taxes available in the Municipality of Tivat

Tivat, (MINA-BUSINESS) – According to the local administration of Tivat, it is now possible to pay taxes, fees, and charges online in this Municipality.

“By selecting the ‘public service’ option on the homepage of the Municipality’s official website www.opstinativat.me, the online payment option can be found in a dropdown menu,” says a press release issued by the Mayor’s Office.

It is possible to pay property taxes, tourist taxes, and fees for local roads at https://opstinativat.me/payonline/.

Secretary of Finance at the Municipality of Tivat Lidija Bakalbasic stated that this new option for online payments had been implemented by the Secretariat of Finance.

“Taxpayers now have the opportunity to complete their financial transactions quickly, safely, and easily through our online platform,” stated Bakalbasic.

According to her, the online payment option will save a lot of time for the taxpayers.