Mandic: We expect 30 August majority to find strength to form government

Podgorica, (MINA) – It is natural that the For the Future of Montenegro (ZBCG) coalition would receive the position of a Parliament Speaker, said leader of the New Serbian Democracy (NSD) Andrija Mandic, expressing expectation that the 30 August majority would find strength to form the government.

He told that to the press in Cetinje following the talks with President of Montenegro Jakov Milatovic, who initiated the consultations on the PM designate on Monday.

“We expect that the 30 August majority would find the strength to form the government once again. This majority would, at this moment, have three fifths of MPs, and we could meet all the requirements- both those expected from those abroad, and our own”, said Mandic.

He said that, as far as NSD and ZBCG were concerned, the position of a PM didn’t belong to them, “but everything else should be distributed in line with democratic principles”.

Asked if he expected that ZBCG would get the position of a Parliament Speaker, Mandic said that they didn’t expect anything that didn’t belong to them.

“The ZBCG is the runner-up, and we have twice more seats than the third party in a line, and thus it is natural that we should get that position”, said Mandic, adding that he didn’t understand why this matter was being problematized.

Asked if PES leader Milojko Spajic could count on their support to form the government, Mandic said that he didn’t know how Spajic managed to convince Milatovic that he had support of 41 MPs.

“Instead of assuring him, he should have come with 41 signatures. We don’t need the government of 41 or 43 MPs, but the government with significant support, which backbone should be the 30 August coalition. No one asked us to give our signatures, and PES’s representative can get them once the agreement is reached”, said Mandic.

He said that they didn’t come far in the talks to say that (Spajic) can count on them.