Administrative Court overturns Government’s decision to dismiss Brdjanin as unlawful

Podgorica, (MINA) – The Administrative Court has overturned the Government’s decision of 30 March to dismiss Police Director Zoran Brdjanin before the expiry of his term.

The Court found that the reasons that the government cited for Brdjanin’s dismissal were not among those prescribed under the applicable legislation as grounds for the removal from office of a Police Director.

The Government explained its decision to dismiss Brdjanin by noting that the Special Prosecutor’s Office had arrested several police officers, including an Acting Assistant Police Director, arguing that the functioning of the police force had been compromised.

The Administrative Court found that those reasons did not constitute legal grounds for the Police Director’s dismissal.

Brdjanin’s lawyer Sinisa Gazivoda issued a press statement claiming that, after the Administrative Court’s decision, Brdjanin was obliged and entitled to resume his duties as Police Director.

“Since the decision to terminate his service has ceased to exist in law and since the proposal for the dismissal, according to the Court, was manifestly legally unfounded, Brdjanin has both the right and the obligation to resume his duties,” the lawyer said.