The Netherlands and Luxembourg are ready to help Kosovo in de-escalating the situation

The Netherlands and Luxembourg have expressed their readiness to help Kosovo in de-escalating the situation. Prime Minister Albin Kurti’s counterparts have not blamed either party for this situation, but have stated that the European Union guidelines must be implemented. Mark Rutte and Xavier Bettel said that there should be a focus on the step-by-step process and that there will be no winners in the end, in case of conflicts.
Prime Minister Albin Kurti stated that a big mistake was made when the basic agreement was not signed, for which he considered that this opened the door for violation and non-implementation of the agreement of February 27 and the annex of March 18.
The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte emphasized that the finger should not be pointed at the culprit for the tensions between Kosovo and Serbia. He added that both sides should adhere to the EU guidelines.
Rutte added that there have been long discussions in Belgrade and Pristina about the de-escalation of the situation. Also, he emphasized that they are ready to help in Kosovo.
Even the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, said that work should be started on the EU roadmap.
Prime Minister Albin Kurti will meet in the afternoon with the European emissary, Miroslav Lajçak.