Zyba: Russia and Serbia remain aggressive countries in relation to Kosovo

The positions of Russia and Serbia in relation to Kosovo remain hostile and aggressive, said Vetëvendosje MP, Sali Zyba.

Zyba made these statements after the meeting of the Commission for the supervision of the KIA, where the director of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency, Petrit Ajeti, reported behind closed doors.

Speaking about the Russian-Serbian influences in Kosovo, Zyba said the danger from Serbia is permanent every time, therefore the level of state responsibility must be high.

“The position of Russia and Serbia in relation to the state of Kosovo and its interests is known. Nothing special, they remain hostile and aggressive countries in every possible case”, said Zyba.

Zyba has announced that at the meeting of the Commission there was also a discussion about the allegations of planning the assassination of Prime Minister Albin Kurti, during his stay a week ago in Skopje, North Macedonia.