Milorad Dodik speaks with Putin, opposes Western sanctions against Russia and BiH joining NATO

KAZAN, February 21 (FENA) – The President of the BiH entity of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik met today in Kazan with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and on that occasion, he emphasized that he is against Western sanctions against Russia and the joining of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the NATO alliance.

He stated that Republika Srpska is politically and institutionally stable and emphasized that he has excellent relations with the presidents of Serbia and Hungary, Aleksandar Vučić and Viktor Orban.

Dodik said that Republika Srpska functions in Bosnia and Herzegovina in complex circumstances.

”Recently, in an address, you noted that you understand the relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are not simple at all and are very complex, additionally complicated because we are still under an international protectorate because we are under Western intervention,” said Dodik to Putin, emphasizing that high-ranking leaders from Republika Srpska are under American and British sanctions.

“Serbs were bombed twice, in Republika Srpska and Serbia,” said Dodik, claiming that as a result of those events, many young people, newborns, suffer consequences caused by depleted uranium.

Dodik called the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina illegal.

Putin presented Dodik with the Order of Alexander Nevsky today in Kazan as Dodik greatly contributed to the development of the relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the partnership between Republika Srpska and Russia.

He thanked for maintaining relations with Russia and announced his commitment to strengthening cooperation in various fields.

Putin said that he knows that the situation in Republika Srpska is not simple and expressed Russia’s readiness to talk about it.