More than 1.2 million citizens of Kosovo have been registered so far

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) announces that so far more than 1.2 million citizens have been registered within the population and household census process that started on April 5 and will end on May 17.

The Acting Chief Executive Officer in KAS, Avni Kastrati emphasized that there is a hesitation from the Serbian community, but according to him, a part of them is being registered.

In a press conference, he invited all the municipalities that have not been so active to register, because as he said, there are only 10 days left for registration.

“We have no technical and professional problems in the field. We don’t have major rejections of the citizens, even the few rejections that are, after some discussions are being solved, the citizens have accepted the population census as a good one… Some municipalities, during this period, have been very active, whereas some other municipalities have not engaged so much and we expect that these municipalities will be much more proactive these days, because we are in the final phase, so there are 10 days left for registration. So far over 1 million and 200 thousand inhabitants have registered… All communities are participating, in some municipalities in the north, from the Serbian community there is still some hesitation, but there is also a registration on the other side, a part of them is being registered”, said Kastrati.

Kastrati, when asked about the harassment of enumerators that they have received in different families, has stated that he has not officially received any complaints.

Also, he added that in the trainings that were held before the start of the population census, it was shown that when he or she feels in danger, he or she can take his or her brother, sister or anyone with them, who are allowed to stand there.

“I have heard some rumors but we are looking officially, because not all the enumerator there are at the level, but it could also be the citizen, but we do not officially have any case that has been reported to us… They can take someone with them… It is shown the way when he/she sees the situation as dangerous, to enter a household, he/she may not enter alone, he/she may call the supervisor, may be accompanied by a relative, sister, brother, husband or whatever, they are trained for this level… but they don’t have the right to stay when the questionnaire is filled out, they can stay aside”, said Kastrati.

At the end of the press conference, in front of the facility of the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, there was also a protest by representatives of the “Fourth Wave” organization, who protested as a sign of dissatisfaction with the harassment of KAS enumerators during the population census.

The activist of the organization “Fourth Wave” in Mitrovica, Nerimane Ferizi, has emphasized that three girls have complained to the office of this organization, showing that they are facing intimidation and harassment.

Disturbing for them was the answer of the executive director, Avni Kastrati, that they can take someone with them, because the state should be the one to ensure security within Kosovar families, and not their family.

“Some of the girls have come to our office and told us that they are facing intimidation and harassment. What worries us is that the gentleman in question said that if they feel threatened, they can take their father, brother or sister or someone else with them, that in reality the state should have ensured their safety within these families, and not having to go with their family members. Therefore, today we called for more security, and that the enumerators do not face intimidation within Kosovar families… There were three, maybe it’s not a big number, but it was worrying for us as an organization”, said Ferizi.

During the protest, they held in their hands an inscription “I went for the population census, I faced intimidation”. “Security is the duty of the state”.