TOURIST BOARD – SLOVAKIA – BLOGGERS Slovak blogger impressed by the beauty of Bar

Bar, (MINA-BUSINESS) – In cooperation with the National Tourism Organization (NTO), the Tourist Board of Bar has organized a visit of the well-known blogger from Bratislava Milan Bardun.


The blogger, who is better known as milan_bezmapy on Instagram, has over 140 followers on this social network.

The Tourist Board of Bar says in a press release that his blog, bezmapy.sk, has millions of visits, adding the articles about the destinations he visits are very detailed, showcasing all their qualities in the best way.


They are accompanied by numerous photographs that enhance the experience of the destination.

“During his visit, the Tourist Board of Bar made an effort to present the most attractive parts of our city. We began the adventure at the Bar Marina, and continued towards the King Nikola Promenade and his castle, where he learned about the history of that era,” the press release says.

It is expected that his posts and articles about Montenegro on social media will contribute to the promotion of Bar, and Montenegro as a tourist destination.