State leaders praise the launch of the online market for buying and selling cars: It will have an impact on the economy

Kosovo is marking an important step in the field of innovation and technology thanks to the giant company Gjirafa. From today, “Carvago by Gjirafa”, also known as the best online market in Europe for buying and selling cars, has launched a new online car market, thus making an important step forward in the automotive market in the country. Among the seven European markets, Kosovo is the eighth where this company already operates.

The goal of the cooperation between Gjirafa and Carvago from the Czech Republic is to fundamentally change the way people buy cars online in Kosovo.

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani has assessed that Gjirafa is one of the success stories, not only for Kosovo but also for Europe.

At the launch of this platform, the first of the country, saying that the project will have an impact on the economy, added that Carvago will benefit not only our state, but will also directly affect the lives of citizens.

The Prime Minister of the country, Albin Kurti, said that the Gjirafa Company has brought benefits to the country. According to him, this partnership with the Czech Republic will serve positively for both countries.

The Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Bohumil Mazanek, expressed his happiness with the launch of this platform. According to him, this initiative represents an important development in strengthening relations between the Czech Republic and Kosovo not only in the diplomatic aspect but also in the economic aspect.

On the other hand, the co-founder of this platform, Jakub Sulta, expressed his excitement that Carvago is expanding outside the EU market, in Kosovo, for which he said he was motivated by the energy of the people they have here.

Meanwhile, the founder of the Gjirafa company, Mergim Cahani, said that the purpose of this platform is to offer quality services to citizens.

This innovative service enables customers to purchase vehicles from the comfort of their own home, guaranteeing the condition of each car, as its expert technicians personally inspect each vehicle before it goes up for sale.

The expansion of “Carvago by Gjirafa” in Kosovo represents an important historical moment in improving the connections between the local market and the European automotive industry. This strategic move not only improves the car buying and selling experience for customers in Kosovo, but also positions Carvago as a major player in the European market, leveraging the synergy between Gjirafa’s innovation, brand and customer service and Carvago’s leadership in the European automotive industry.