DZS: Land sown with cereals down 10.1%

ZAGREB, 19 Feb (Hina) – The size of land sown last autumn decreased by 8.8% on the year, while land sown with cereals decreased by 10.1%, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics said on Monday.

Land sown as of 10 November 2023В totaled 239,000 hectares, including 223,000 hectares sown with cereals.

In the structure of the total land sown with cereals in 2023, winter wheat (with 62.8%) and winter barley (with 26%) had the highest shares.

Wheat was sown on 140,000 hectares in 2023, down 16.7% on the year, and barley was sown on 58,000, down 7.9%.

Rapeseed was sown on 16,000 hectares, 14.3% more than in 2022. In the autumn sowing, rapeseed accounted for 6.7% of the land sown.