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Shebenik National Park, trap cameras document wild fauna

TIRANA, April 1/ATA/ At the beginning of the week, the National Agency of Protected Areas presented a wonderful collage of the wild world, quite rich, of the Shebenik National Park.

“Allowing animals to live peacefully and in harmony with nature is a shared responsibility and obligation”, wrote the Agency in its webpage.

The National Agency of Protected Areas also wrote that the trap cameras installed in the area have documented the presence of wild boar, roe deer, wild rabbit, fox, etc.

The moratorium on the ban on hunting in forests and the extension of protected natural areas are increasingly bringing about the regeneration of the wild and rich fauna of our country.

By decision of the government dated 26.1.2022, the area of the “Shebenik” natural ecosystem, declared “national park” (category II), has got increased from 33 894.25 ha to 34 507.9 ha. It is a cross-border area with the Republic of North Macedonia, in the Southeast Region of the country, in the upper sector of the watershed of the Bushtrica and Qarrishta rivers and in the mountains around them; at heights from 300 m to 2261 m (Rreshpa Peak, in Shebenik)./