Djalovica Gorge to be highlighted as a key ecotourism destination

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – According to Executive Director of the non-governmental organization Eco-team Milija Cabarkapa, the Djalovica Gorge is not only being protected through the process of revising the declaratively protected area, but is also being highlighted as a key destination for ecotourism.

He stated that the purpose of this process, was to improve the management of the protected area, contributing to the preservation of its exceptional natural resources.

Thanks to the initiative of the NGO Eco-team and the Nature Conservancy, along with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, Ecology, Sustainable Development, and the Northern Region Development, the Municipality of Bijelo Polje has launched the revision process for Djalovica Gorge as an area that was declaratively protected in 1968.

“Djalovica Gorge is not only the natural treasure of the municipality of Bijelo Polje but also of Europe as a whole. With its impressive landscapes, rich biodiversity, and untouched nature, Djalovica Gorge is not only an ecological but also a cultural and historical treasure,” stated Cabarkapa.

In his opinion, the revision process is a crucial step towards making Djalovica Gorge a symbol of Bijelo Polje and ensuring effective management of the area, aiming to preserve the values of this gorge and stimulate socio-economic activities in line with nature protection principles.