SCAF, largest diplomatic cultural event held in Romania, opens doors on 16 September in Sibiu

The largest diplomatic cultural event in Romania, with over 150 artists from 22 countries on 5 continents, in which over 50 partners are involved – embassies, museums, galleries and other institutions, takes place in central Sibiu, between 16 – 30 September, in the organization of the Brukenthal National Museum and the Brukenthal von Studio Association, according to a press release sent to AGERPRES on Thursday.

The event is carried out with the support of the Ministry of Culture, under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The International Festival of Contemporary Art from Sibiu – SCAF (Sibiu Contemporary Art Festival) is an initiative led by Alexandru Constantin Chituta, acting manager of the Brukenthal National Museum – president of SCAF, and Ilie Mitrea, president of the Brukenthal von Studio Association,” the source adds.

Exhibitions and events within the festival will take place in several cultural spaces in Sibiu: the Brukenthal Palace, the Blue House, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Council Tower, the Habitus Cultural Center.

According to the source, SCAF has an international extension integrating elements of cultural diplomacy represented by the participation of foreign artists, with the support of the Romanian embassies in China, Japan, Poland, Great Britain, Slovenia, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Germany, Austria, North Macedonia, Cuba, Peru, Republic of Moldova, Nigeria, Finland, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates and Georgia.

“The festival opens a platform for research and dialogue with international insertions between artists, architects, curators, art critics, managers of cultural institutions and independent cultural platforms as well as museum specialists who will complete the exhibition programme with a series of conferences and lectures,” the release says.

IN|TOUCH, the current edition’s festival’s theme is, according to the organizers, a metaphor for the inter-connectivity and interactivity of the contemporary cultural language, being generated by the desire to probe those specific elements of each artistic discourse that intersect creating networks of content both at the level discourse, as well as at the level of thematic and research of contemporary problems.

“It is the most important cultural-diplomatic event in our country, but also the largest festival if we refer to the exhibited techniques: from classic visual structures – painting, sculpture, graphics – to multimedia installations, object installations and immersive installations, NFT, photo-video art and experimental artistic practices. Many of the artists are exhibiting for the first time in Romania. We have, for example, artists from the Middle East, a very daring and interesting thing, but also contemporary art from central Africa, from Nigeria. This year, the invited country is the Republic of Moldova. We will have an exhibition curated by Mr. Tudor Zbarnea, the director of the National Art Museum of Moldova in Chisinau,” said the interim manager of the Brukenthal National Museum and president of SCAF, Alexandru Constantin Chituta, who thanked the Minister of Culture from the Republic of Moldova, Sergiu Prodan, for his involvement.

“As we announced, we will have a series of conferences in the field of art and architecture and we will also open a new point of sale of brand products at the Museum of Contemporary Art,” said Alexandru Constantin Chituta.

The organizing funds come from sponsorships and from the budget of the Brukenthal National Museum.