CCIR supports Dubai Port World’s plans to expand its Romanian investments

Bucharest, Feb 14 /Agerpres/ – The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIR) is steadily involved in mediating the dialogue between the business communities in Romania and the United Arab Emirates, capitalizing on the current political context, which is extremely favorable for the relationship between the two countries, CCIR president Mihai Daraban said, as he and the business organization’s secretary general Ovidiu Silaghi participated on Wednesday in an official meeting with Mohammed al Muallem, Executive Vice President of Dubai Port World (DP World), the largest Emirati investor in Romania.

“DP World is a company with tradition in Romania, having invested in our country for 20 years now. Since 2004, the Emirati company has developed several projects in Romania in the field of logistics and connectivity, creating hundreds of jobs. The boost given to operations in the new Constanta Port terminal has attracted the interest of other important operators in the field of naval transport and logistics. Capitalizing on the present auspicious political context, which is highly favorable for the relationship between Romania and the United Arab Emirates, CCIR continues to engage in mediating the dialogue between the two states’ business communities. Today’s meeting was the perfect opportunity to take important steps towards establishing the stages for the expansion of DP World’s operations and investments in Romania,” said the CCIR official.

In his turn, DP World Executive Vice President Mohammed al Muallem pointed out that, two years ago, the decision was made to start the project of an intermodal terminal near Aiud, which will offer a foothold for the expansion of operations in Romania.

Our relationship with CCIR is an older one, and each time we have enjoyed the unconditional support of this organization for our investment intentions in Romania. This is how the start of the construction of the Constanta terminal was possible, the largest container port at the Black Sea which, thanks to its strategic position at the mouth of the Danube Canal, is connected with the riparian countries in Europe. Global freight transportation is currently growing at a considerable pace, which makes the transit of goods on the Danube, with Constanta Port as a gateway, extremely important. Therefore, two years ago we decided to start the project of an intermodal terminal near Aiud, which will allow us to expand our operations in Romania, said the DP World Executive Vice President.