Restored film “Mësonjëtorja” played, protagonist actors attend

At the premises of the Palace of Brigades, there was played the restored film “Mësonjëtorja”, in the presence of some of the actors, the production team and Albanian cinematography enthusiasts.

“An exciting evening among artists, family members of those who live no longer and we remember them with esteem, and who left their trace on Albanian cinema”, said Minister of Culture Elva Margariti who was present at this event.

In the projection room, there was present the screenwriter Natasha Lako, some of the main actors such as Roza Anagnosti, Ardian Cerga and Petrika Riza, relatives of them and the family members of the late Director Muharrem Fejzo. Minister Margariti remembered Director Fejzo, the painter of the film Ilia Xhokaxhi, the cameraman Ilia Terpini and actor Gulielm Radoja, some of the pillars of the iconic film, who are no longer alive.

“We do not have them among us to celebrate the good news, not only of the rescue of a film, but also of the establishment of a laboratory at the Albanian National Film Archive, so that the digitization and restoration can be carried out in our institution”, said the Minister of Culture .

“Mësonjëtorja” is part of our film heritage, which keeps alive the work and memory of our great artists.

The restoration of this film, whose music bears the signature of Limos Dizdari, was realized thanks to the cooperation of the National Film Archive, Harabel Contemporary Art Platform and ABI Bank./