Kim is ‘worst possible’ partner for Moscow – Tajani

(ANSA) – ROME, SEP 12 – Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was making a mistake by seeking to bolster ties with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
Kim has entered Russia for talks with Putin that are expected to focus on a deal to supply arms to Moscow for its war effort in Ukraine.
“Russia is seeking support, including military support, and allies and it has turned to the worst possible partner in Kim Jong Un,” Tajani told Rtl radio.
“North Korea has an aggressive attitude in the Indo-Pacific, it continues to be condemned for its missile launches and threats.
“These are not things that give grounds for optimism.
“Russia is isolated but it is trying to get out of this isolation.
“For the free world it is an aggressive power.
“China is also worried by Moscow’s attitude.
“Last week I asked the Chinese foreign minister to push Russia to follow wiser advice”. (ANSA).