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Albania and Serbia pre-sign framework agreement on social insurances

TIRANA, March 15/ATA/ Albania and Serbia pre-signed the framework agreement in the field of social insurances.

Minister of Economy, Culture and Innovation Blendi Gonxhja said that for the Albanian side the Deputy Minister of Economy, Culture and Innovation Olta Manjani pre-signed this agreement while for the Serbian side it was pre-signed by the representative of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs Zoran Milosevic.

“The agreement provides Albanian citizens with a number of benefits, such as: old-age pension, maternity benefits, family pension, disability pension, etc. It also ensures joining of the contribution periods, so that citizens do not lose their working years contributions”, said Gonxhja in a post in the social media.

The second round of negotiations was held in Tirana, at the venues of the Social Insurance Institute, on March 12-14