Veliaj welcomes the famous Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, presents him with the Key to the City of Tirana

The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, received on Saturday the famous singer Enrique Iglesias, a few minutes before the concert in Skënderbej Square.

“I am glad that Enrique Iglesias is here in Tirana in the light of the Spanish Week of Culture. It is really a great pleasure that the jewel, the one that is probably the best product of Spain, of Latin music is with us today in Tirana. I am very grateful for your contribution. For us it is a special honor because Tirana is promoted and Albania is promoted. I thank you very much for coming and choosing to be part of this extraordinary celebration between Spain and Albania despite your fame and extraordinary reputation, ‘ said Veliaj.

Mayor Veliaj said that “I want to hand over to you the key to the city of Tirana in the name of all citizens and all your fans, especially all those who have learned Spanish from your songs and your father’s songs and all those who think that language, music, art and culture unite nations. I strongly believe that today, amid a war raging on in Europe all the difficult situations, it is very important to find things that unite us. And music, art, culture, the beautiful Spanish language are beautiful things that unite us. So, thank you very much and I want you to receive this symbolic key as a way of showing that we are grateful and this is a second home. And if you ever have to come back, you should come without knocking because we will welcome with open arms your love and your art.”

Iglesias said that he was extremely happy to be here. “I am very excited, but also a little bit stressed and under pressure, but not because I am in Albania, but because every time I go on stage I feel that pressure because I want to give a good show. Tonight will be a magical night and I know for sure,” Iglesias said.