Journalists protest: The decision to revoke the license of Klan Kosova, interference in media freedom

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo, with the support of the media and civil society organizations, have protested as a sign of revolt for the suspension of the business certificate of Klan Kosova television, by the Ministry of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade.
Through the motto “Democracy dies in darkness”, the journalists considered the decision on Klan Kosovo as an interference in the freedom of the media and the freedom of expression in Kosovo.
Symbolically, the cameras and microphones of some media were placed in front of the Government of Kosovo building.
Naim Sadiku from AJK, said that journalists are also facing harsh language and wild campaign from the ruling party, Vetëvendosje.
Meanwhile, the director of information in Klan Kosova, Gazmend Syla, said that the decision to revoke the license for this medium violates democracy and creates a bad image for Kosovo.
Among other things, there were banners in the protest with inscriptions in defense of the government decision, where the cities of Gjakova and Peja were written in the Albanian language, while those with Serbian names were marked with a red visa.
Likewise, during the march from “Zahir Pajaziti” square to the building of the Government of Kosovo, a citizen came in front of the protesting journalists, where he had placed a banner with the name of the cities of Kosovo in Serbian, but the same one, even at the insistence of the journalists, left the protest.