Kurti: The dialogue with Serbia cannot continue as if nothing has happened

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has said that the dialogue with Serbia cannot continue as if nothing has happened, after the Serbian aggression on September 24. He asked that the current normalization chapter should take into account Serbia’s attempt to annex Kosovo.

After the meeting with the two US senators, Jeanne Shaheen and Peter Welch, the prime minister asked the dialogue mediators to take a series of steps so that the dialogue has another chance to succeed.

In this regard, he underlined the importance of having a balanced approach in the dialogue process.

“The EU facilitated dialogue cannot simply continue as if nothing has happened. We cannot go back businesses as usual in this status quo any longer. The next chapter of normalization dialogue must now take into account Serbia’s aggressive actions and its revealed intension to annex the north of Kosovo. Aside from the sanctions to deter further aggression by Serbia, a number of basic steps must be taken in order for the dialogue to have even a chance to succeed. I believe here it is of utter importance to have a balanced approach, including not to condemning every breach or violation of the basic agreement that we have achieved on 27th of February in Brussels and the Ohrid implementation annex on 18th of March this year. It is now more urgent than ever that Serbia stops saying it will never recognize Kosovo, independent Kosovo. Publicly reverse its rejection of the parts of the basic agreement which have to do with the de facto recognition of Kosovo’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”, he said.

Before the US senators, Kurti listed the arguments that, according to him, prove Serbia’s involvement in the terrorist attack in Banjska.

Meanwhile, he emphasized the need for Serbia to be held responsible for the September 24 attack.

On the other hand, the US senator, Jeanne Shaheen, said that those responsible for the September 24 terrorist attack must be held accountable.

She said that the USA stands by Kosovo, while she said that the increase in KFOR soldiers ensures the preservation of Kosovo’s border with Serbia.

The two US senators during their visit to Kosovo on Friday also met with president, Vjosa Osmani.