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Denkov Cabinet Survives No-Confidence Vote

The government of Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov survived its first no-confidence vote. The no-confidence motion over the Cabinet’s energy policy was submitted by MPs of Vazrazhdane, BSP for Bulgaria, There Is Such a People, and independent MP Radostin Vassilev.

The Cabinet was backed by 143 votes. 71 deputies voted against it.

The vote was streamed live on the Bulgarian National Television and the Bulgarian National Radio.

The arguments for the vote of no confidence are completely fabricated, Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov told journalists on his visit to Plovdiv, South Bulgaria, earlier on Friday. There is nothing in them that is meaningful in terms of economy and energy, he said.

According to him, people’s unrealistic fears are at the basis. People have reason to be worried, but their fears are aggravated by politicians as a form of canvassing for the upcoming local elections, Denkov said. The Prime Minister described the Bulgarian Socialist Party’s (BSP) request for a possible second vote of no confidence as “a second series of the same”. BSP leader Korneliya Ninova said that if Denkov’s Government survives the no confidence vote, her party will submit another no confidence motion over national security and defence.

Nikolay Denkov also commented that at any time talks could be held with the protesting miners and energy workers. He noted that the negotiations will continue, as per the concluded agreement. “There is no basis for the demands and for effective strike action during the winter,” the Prime Minister insisted. “I expect that once the emotions subside, the energy workers themselves will understand that we are working for them. They are working against themselves,” Denkov said.