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Innovative Program Aimed at Developing Skills of Defence, Public Safety and National Security Personnel

The Cluj Napoca-based RoNeuro Institute – Neurological Diseases Research and Diagnosis Center has partnered with Integrated Training Center International (ITCI) to develop an innovative program for training the human body’s integrated intelligence so as to enhance the skills of defence, public safety and national security personnel, the Society for the Study of Neuroprotection and Neuroplasticity announced on Thursday.

“The RoNeuro Institute – Neurological Diseases Research and Diagnosis Center and Integrated Training Center International have started, with financial support from CEC Bank, a one-of-a-kind psycho-physical training program: IBQ-Labyrinth 5-ASAL, designed to increase the human operational potential through holistic methods, based on the most robust evidence in the field of neurosciences. IBQ-Labyrinth 5-ASAL is a program aimed at developing the operational capacity of defence, public safety and national security personnel under conditions of high stress and operational uncertainty specific to the new security challenges facing humanity today,” the release informs.

The deadline for the completion of the first stage of the program begun at the end of 2023 is July 2024.

“The trainees undergo certain initial training modules, acquiring the ability to operate ambidextrous the entire range of combat means and equipment, which triggers complex processes of cognitive intelligence aligning with the subconscious intelligence, continuous growth of brain connectomics and of the inter-hemispheric correlation index (equalization of the functioning of both cerebral hemispheres). They also acquire specialized skills and abilities in the management of critical situations, characterized by the action of high-level stressors,” the source mentioned.

The training and instruction methodology, as well as the complex processes of evaluation, selection and operational diagnosis are circumscribed to the processes of training the human body’s integrated global intelligence and represent the result of Romanian research “with unique and spectacular results in developing the general and specialized operational potential of the personnel in the targeted fields.”

“Preliminary data of the IBQ-Labyrinth V-ASAL project show that it determined an objectively measurable increase in neurophysiological and psychological indicators that reflect the functional capacities and operational performance of the participants, as well as significant improvements as far as their health and professional performance are concerned. The need for such a project is reinforced by the global increase in multipolar threats to security, as well as by the need to use new research in the field of frontier sciences to improve the capacity of defence, public safety and national security personnel, thus contributing to a safer and more stable environment for all Romanian citizens,” the release states.