Removal from the use of the Serbian dinar, the citizens speak

The Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK) has decided that from February 1, 2024, the only currency allowed for cash payment transactions in Kosovo will be the euro, removing the Serbian dinar from use. The EU and the US have expressed concern over the decision, saying it could fuel ethnic tensions.

The citizens of Kosovo think that the Serbian dinar should have been withdrawn from use since the end of the war and say that the CBK has acted well.

Selman Bytyqi says that the dinar had to be banned to be used since the end of the war and that nowhere in the world are two or three currencies used for payments.

Another citizen, Riza Syla, says that such an action should have been taken very early.

Likewise, Bexhet Neziri emphasizes that Serbia with dinars should not interferein Kosovo and that it should not exist here.

Otherwise, the EU and the USA have expressed concerns about the removal of the Serbian dinar. The US ambassador in Prishtina, Jeffrey Hovenier, said that these actions are unnecessarily increasing ethnic tensions and consequently limiting the US’s ability to serve as an effective advocate for Kosovo in the international arena.