Jumping by parachute, Golemi: One more attraction for visitors of Gjirokastra

Jumping by parachute at Gjirokastra aerodrome is attracting more and more enthusiasts.
Mayor of Gjirokastra Flamur Golemi posted today in the social media a video of passionate people jumping by parachute.
“Parachuting at Gjirokastra Aerodrome, extraordinary emotions for those who have tried and one more attraction for those who visit the city”, wrote Golemi.
The restore to operation of the more than 80-year-old aerodrome of Gjirokastra has diversified the tourist offer in the stone city which is visited by local and foreign tourists.
Gjirokastra Aerodrome has a history of almost a century. Regular flights in it officially started in 1929 with the airline Tirana-Gjirokastra-Tirana. The flights to Gjirokastra were for the transport of passengers, mail, flights for military, commercial, diplomatic purposes, even in cases of civil emergencies.
The stone city is now part of the World Cultural Heritage List under the Protection of UNESCO, making Gjirokastra one of the most important centers of the year-round cultural tourism.
From January until now, over 200,000 local and foreign tourists have visited Gjirokastra and its surroundings, registering among the highest numbers in years.