Archaeological findings in Dushkarak of Selenica, ancient tomb discovered during working of land

The National Council of Material Cultural Heritage, the Regional Directorate of Culture Heritage Vlora and the Directorate of Archaeological Service carried out the archaeological excavation to save an ancient tomb in Dushkarak, Selenice Municipality.

The ancient tomb, discovered in April of this year, has simple architecture and the remains of an individual were found inside it. The inventory of the discovery consisted of fragmented ceramic objects as well as metal objects, where it is worth highlighting the presence of a spear tip.

From preliminary estimates, the tomb is thought to date back to the century IV-III BC. The objects will be treated by conservation specialists at the National Institute of Cultural Heritage.

According to Regional Directorate of Culture Heritage Vlora, the discovery was made in Fetah Derraj’s olive grove, in Dushkarak, while he was working the land. During the tillage of the land, the tiller of the tractor had dug out a grave, inside which an amphora had emerged, which was handed over to the specialists of Regional Directorate of Culture Heritage Vlora.