ANA-MPA signs agreement with National Tourism Organization to promote Greece abroad

The Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) and the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) signed a memorandum on Tuesday for a comprehensive program to promote and publicize Greece abroad.
The memorandum was signed by ANA-MPA President and General Manager Aimilios Perdikaris and GNTO Secretary General Dimitris Fragakis.
Greece’s promotion in the tourism sector, the promotion of GNTO actions, and the creation of targeted promotional actions for specific destinations or thematic (niche) tourism, as well as holding joint ANA-MPA and GNTO events are among the topics the agreement includes. It also includes the promotion of specific articles of tourist interest by ANA-MPA to news agencies abroad.
In a statement at the event, Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni noted, “The Athens-Macedonian News Agency, whose history covers more than a century, comprises one of the main providers of news stories and of news broadcasts, devoted to the principles of objectivity and reliability, both at national and at international level. We hope that the memorandum of understanding signed by ANA-MPA and GNTO, with the collaboration of the Tourism Ministry, will offer a new dynamic to Greece’s tourism product, to the promotion and publicity of Greek tourism, and to the highlighting of issues related to our country’s tourism development globally.”
The ANA-MPA has “entered a phase of extroversion, and mainly invests in collaborations with agencies from which it may profit and at the same time offer that which its networks can offer in Greece and abroad: the reproduction of news, given the fact it comprises a primary source of information for Greek and international news media,” the agency’s Perdikaris said.
At the same time, Perdikaris added, “We could not but set tourism as one of our basic priorities. For this reason, we went ahead with the specific agreement with GNTO and the Tourism Ministry, as Greece’s promotion through its tourist product and through the ANA-MPA’s networks is a very important move, which will impart to both agencies collaborating for this purpose very significant results.”
Speaking on behalf of GNTO, Secretary General Fragakis said, “Today we are inaugurating a new era of collaboration between GNTO and the Tourism Ministry, and ANA-MPA. It is a collaboration on which we have been working for a long time now. Today we signed the memorandum of collaboration and are very happy we will work together with one of the most important information agencies in Greece and mainly abroad. Our purpose is to be able to help Greece’s promotion through the ANA-MPA channels and to offer our own technical know-how to the overall promotion of the country and to the Greek tourism product in Greece and abroad.”