Implementation of the Solari 5000+ project planned for this year

Niksic, (MINA-BUSINESS) – According to EPCG Solar gradnja, photovoltaic systems with a capacity of over 29.3 megawatts (MW), out of the planned 30 MW, have been installed on the rooftops of households and businesses within the framework of the Solari 3000+ and 500+ projects.

The company announced its plans to implement the 5000+ project this year.

As regards Solari 3000+ and 500+, the company expects the project to finish quickly, depending on weather conditions, as the installation work at heights requires favourable conditions for mounting solar panels.

“This is a project worth €30 million and has been implemented in cooperation with the Eco-Fund, providing users with a 20 percent discount,” EPCG Solar gradnja told Mina-business agency.

The expected output of this project is around 44 gigawatt-hours (GWh) a year.

Concerning the Solari 5000+ project, the company explained that the call had been closed in March 2023, and implementation would start immediately after the completion of the previous project.

The goal of the Solari project is to reduce monthly expenses for electricity by installing photovoltaic systems in households and businesses, provide energy autonomy to users, minimize carbon dioxide emissions, and preserve the environment.