Heads of state demand justice for the massacre of Reçak

The heads of Kosovo’s institutions, President Vjosa Osmani, Speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjufca and Prime Minister Albin Kurti have demanded justice for the Reçak massacre. The leaders of the state, accompanied by former ambassador William Walker, after paying homage to mark the 25th anniversary of the Reçak massacre, accused Serbia of genocide in Kosovo.

President Vjosa Osmani said that justice gives meaning to peace and freedom, therefore the same is necessary for reconciliation.

“Justice is what gives meaning to peace. Justice is what gives meaning to freedom, and justice is necessary for reconciliation. That is why today we are here to honor all the fallen, all those civilians who were massacred with bare hands in the most brutal way, committing a crime against humanity by the Milosevic regime… Today’s regime of Vucic, which is the continuation of the regime of Milosevic not only denies the massacre of Reçak, but arrests and tortures those who put flowers on the graves of children killed during the war. Glory and we will forever remember all those who fell for the freedom of Kosovo”, she said.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, thanked the former ambassador of the OSCE mission in Kosovo, William Walker, who told the world about the massacre of Reçak.

He added that Walker continues to be the most attacked and hated international in Serbia, as he spoke the truth about the massacre and crime against humanity committed by Serbia.

“The Reçak massacre here 25 years ago, when 45 Albanian civilians were killed, shocked both international public opinion and world diplomacy. It made NATO’s military intervention necessary to stop Serbia’s genocide in Kosovo. When the Reçak massacre happened, Ambassador William Walker as the leader of the OSCE in Kosovo came here to the villagers and spoke the truth. He said this is a massacre and a crime against humanity. It is known that truth is the greatest enemy of dictators and chauvinists. Therefore, to this day, ambassador Walker continues to be the most attacked and hated international in Serbia, where an authoritarian regime continues to dominate, in which case the former minister of information of that time is today the president of Serbia”, emphasized Prime Minister Kurti.

Meanwhile, the former head of the Verification Mission for Kosovo, William Walker, said that due to the sacrifice of many boys of Reçak, Kosovo today enjoys a fully functional democracy.

“I am happy to see so much interest in what happened in the village of Reçak 25 years ago. For me it is very exciting, I hope it is an exciting experience for all the people who live and prosper now in the Republic of Kosovo which is a wonderful story for which the people of this village unfortunately had to sacrifice their boys and men. But what do you have now, as the Republic of Kosovo, a president, a prime minister, a fully functional democracy, I am simply very proud to be here and to join you on this day which is very important for me, for the people of Reçak, and I think, for all of Kosovo”, declared Walker.

Meanwhile, the speaker of parliament, Glauk Konjufca, said that the massacre of Reçak was one of the cruelest acts of genocide in Serbia.

On the note of the 25th anniversary of the Reçak massacre, the opposition leader in Kosovo as well as many citizens paid homage.