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Buzharovska’s books break barriers, taboos in Greece

Athens, 12 February 2024 (MIA) — The Greek publishing house Gutenberg hosted a book launch for the Greek editions of Macedonian writer Rumena Buzharovska’s short story collections “My Husband” and “I’m Not Going Anywhere,” MIA’s Athens correspondent reports.
This is the second time in eight months that a book by Buzharovska’s has been launched in the Greek capital.
Also, a theater play based on “My Husband” premiered two weeks ago in the Theseum Theater in Athens.
The books’ translator Alexandra Ioannidou, theater director Maria Magkanari and Avgi newspaper journalist Anastasia Yamali spoke about Buzharovska’s works at the book launch.
The Macedonian author told MIA’s Athens correspondent that the books broke barriers and taboos in Greece and the Greeks were now much more open to North Macedonia than before, freely calling the language the books were originally written in ‘Macedonian.’
“Every time I come to a book launch here, people keep saying ‘Macedonian,’ and until now it was taboo to say this word. I see that people are much more relaxed, which means a lot at the political level, but also to me personally,” Buzharovska said.
Magkanari’s play “My Husband” will run at the Theseum Theater until mid-March.