Auction with national team jerseys inscribed with names of Eminescu or Brancusi for humanitarian cause

The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) will organize an auction with national team jerseys inscribed with the names of cultural personalities such as Mihai Eminescu or Constantin Brancusi for a humanitarian cause dedicated to the fight against school dropout.

On Monday, on the occasion of the National Culture Day, FRF and ArtMark have launched a special exhibition titled “Cultural National Team”, a complete series of jerseys from the “EURO 2024” collection, with the names of famous Romanian cultural figures.

The eleven whose jerseys will be auctioned in May before the participation of the first national team at UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany are: Mihai Eminescu (number 15), Constantin Brancusi (19), George Enescu (81), Nicolae Grigorescu (38), Nicolae Tonitza (86), Stefan Luchian (1), Dimitrie Cantemir (26), Lucian Blaga (9), Mircea Eliade (13), Ion Luca Caragiale (30) and Emil Cioran (8).

The jerseys exhibited at ArtMark will be part of a special charity auction, and the money raised during this event will be donated to a humanitarian cause dedicated to the fight against school dropout.

At the launch of the exhibition, Marius Niculae, the sports director of the national youth and junior teams, said that education, culture and football always make a good team.

“This is a very good initiative, especially since it is about education and school dropout. And from my point of view, education, culture and football make a very good team. The weight of names here will make it difficult to wear these national team jerseys. Because they are the names of personalities that represent a lot for the Romanian society, for all of us. I have chosen a special shirt, the one with the name of Constantin Brancusi. That’s because I went to the Constantin Brancusi High School. I would take everyone from here in the national team, without exception. There are some important names, these personalities have inspired many people and made us proud all over the world. Now to choose a coach is very difficult because there are big names and it’s hard to manage such a team,” said the former centre forward of the Romanian team.