Heads of state congratulate the Independence Day on the occasion of raising the flag: We are stronger than ever

The flag of the Republic of Kosovo has been raised in the courtyard of the Government, in honor of Independence Day. On this occasion, the heads of state remembered the most sublime sacrifice of those who gave their lives for freedom, while emphasizing that Kosovo today is stronger than ever.

President Vjosa Osmani, said that during these 16 years of its statehood, Kosovo has taken important steps forward and has proven to the world that it is a contributor to peace, security and stability even beyond its borders.

“These 16 years of our state, Kosovo has taken important steps forward and decided to show the world that it not only deserved its freedom and independence, but is a contributor to peace, stability and security beyond its borders. I want to congratulate all the citizens of Kosovo because everyone has made a contribution to our country, but in particular I want to remember those who gave their most precious thing, gave their lives, the nation’s martyrs, all our martyrs. On this day, we remember the vision of the architect of independence, President Ibrahim Rugova, and the unparalleled sacrifice, bravery, and courage of the Jashari family and all the soldiers, led by Commander Adem Jashari”, she said.

Speaker Galuk Konjufca said that February 17 is a day of celebration, but also of gratitude.

“Today is a day not only of celebration, but also of reflection, and gratitude. The first thanks goes to those martyrs and heroes who gave their lives for the freedom and independence of our country, as well as to all those activists and political activists who spared nothing for our state to be established. Undoubtedly, our international friends too, so that the Republic of Kosovo is born”, said Konjufca.

For the prime minister of the country, Albin Kurti, Kosovo has never been so strong, safe and democratic.

“Resistance and liberation preceded independence, which we enjoy today and strengthen through state institutions, economic development, democratic and social progress. This 16th anniversary finds Kosovo with its powerful passport like never before, enabling citizens to move freely in 35 countries. Also, in economic, democratic, security and integrity terms, we must say that our common Republic has never been so strong, safe, free and democratic”, said Kurti.

After raising the flag, the heads of state paid homage to the grave of former president Ibrahim Rugova and the activist Adem Demaçi.