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Durrësi, main seaport of Kosovo, trade exchanges amount to more than 52.7 billion ALL in 2023

TIRANA, February 17/ATA/ On the 16th anniversary of Kosovo’s Independence, the Port Authority of Durrës said that work is underway to advance the strategic project for the construction of the Dry Port in Prishtina.

“The Port of Durrës is the main seaport of Kosovo, but this anniversary finds us even more united, with the commitment to advance the strategic project for the construction of the Dry Port in Prishtina, which consolidates the common economic potential, turning us into catalysts of connection in Adriatic Europe”, is read in a statement of the Port Authority.

Beginning from October 1, 2022, the customs clearance of all goods destined for Kosovo is being carried out at the customs of Durrës.

There are over 1000 businesses from Kosovo that currently benefit from the opening of this branch, not only time, but also reduced customs clearance costs. Referring to the data from the Customs, during this year alone, the goods and containers cleared by customs in Durrës and destined for Kosovo market have increased by 50%.

Meanwhile, the working groups from both countries are working on conducting an analysis for the customs union, so that all barriers and bureaucracies between the two countries are removed and that trade cooperation does not have any obstacles.

Trade exchanges with Kosovo during 2023 are calculated at over ALL 52.7 billion.

Exports to Kosovo increased by 8.3% during 2023, while imports fell by about 5 billion ALL.

According to the report published by the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) on foreign trade, exports to Kosovo in 2023 were about 41 billion ALL, from 37 billion ALL in 2022.

Meanwhile, imports accounted for 11.8 billion ALL from over 16 billion ALL in 2022.

Albania’s main exports to Kosovo are represented by the export of construction materials and metals, minerals and fuels, food as well as chemical and plastic products.

Domestic wood/carpentry products such as seats (chairs and armchairs) or other furniture appear important in the structure of exports. Also, agricultural products are an important item.