Gun violence has returned to Caivano says Don Patriciello

Gun violence returned to the Camorra mafia ridden Naples backwater of Caivano on Sunday night, Don Maurizio Patriciello said on Monday.

“Sunday is drawing to a close, just over an hour to midnight.

For the people of my parish, there is no peace,” wrote the Caivano parish priest on Facebook.

“They came back on their motorbikes. Faces covered. Heavy weapons in their hands. They dashed through the streets, shooting wildly. It’s terror,” he added of the episode in the Parco Verde neighbourhood in which 19 shots were reportedly fired but no-one was injured.

Caivano’s Parco Verde came to the fore at the end of August after two young cousins were allegedly gang raped there.
On August 31 Premier Giorgia Meloni met with Don Patriciello during her visit to Caivano and discussed the issues facing the area.

“The main message that we want to give is that there must be no criminal enclaves and it is a message that we give here, but the Parco Verde (Green Park) of Caivano is not the only territory that is in these conditions: there are many territories that are in these and the message is addressed to the many Caivanos of Italy,” said Meloni after her visit.

Subsequently, on September 5 State, Carabinieri and finance police staged a huge operation to crack down on crime in the area.

Shortly after the government passed the so-called Caivano decree containing measures aimed at clamping down on juvenile delinquency.