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Digital work card implemented fully in retail trade and industry as of Monday

The next step in the unrolling of the Digital Work Card began on Monday, with its full implementation in retail trade and industry from July 1. These sectors were already included in the measure since January 1, 2024, while the tourism and catering sectors are expected to be added in autumn 2024.
In statements to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA), Labour and Social Insurance Minister Niki Kerameus said that this was an important step for daily working life in Greece and the correct implementation of labour law.
“In a business environment that is undergoing significant growth, it is important to protect the rights of workers, improving their daily working life and ensuring the full payment of what is owed to them, while also ensuring healthy terms of competition between businesses. With the Digital Work Card we combat phenomena of undeclared and underdeclared labour and contribution evasion, which primary harm workers and conscientious businesses while undermining the viability of our country’s insurance system. The measure is already being successfully implemented for the employees of banks, large supermarkets, insurance companies, security firms and public utilities and will gradually be extended to all businesses,” she said.
As of Monday, businesses in the retail sector and industry are required to possess and activate the Digital Work Card system for all their permanent employees that work on the business premises, including those that are on loan. The card monitors each employee’s real working hours and employers face fines and sanctions if employees are found to be working without activating their card or to be doing undeclared overtime.
Its use will also lead to correct and legal pay while simplifying the process of ERGANI II notifications.