The US introduces new sanctions against former head of OSA Mehmedagić and prosecutor Kajmaković

The State Department expanded the list of persons banned from entering the United States of America due to suspicion of corruption and added to it the former head of the Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OSA BiH) Osman Mehmedagić and former state prosecutor Diana Kajmaković, RFE reports.

The United States Department of State has introduced a new set of sanctions on Monday, targeting former prosecutor of Bosnia and Herzegovina Diana Kajmaković and former chief of the OSA BiH Osman Mehmedagić, both already under the sanctions of the US Department of Treasury for corruption and undermining of democratic processes.

Kajmaković and Mehmedagić were designated for involvement in “significant corruption,” according to the statement.

“In support of narcotics traffickers and other criminals, Kajmaković helped hide evidence, prevent prosecution, and otherwise assist criminal activity in exchange for personal gain. She also attempted to block an investigation into her apparent criminal affiliates, including Osman Mehmedagić”, the US Department of State said.

As part of the decision, Mehmedagić’s wife, Amela Mehmedagic Šehović, was also designated.

“Mehmedagić collaborated with criminal networks and abused his public position to enrich himself,” according to the decision.

The Department of State said the actions were taken on the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day and the opening of the Conference of States Parties to the UN Convention Against Corruption, to promote accountability for corrupt actors around the world.