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Cyprus an innovation hub, Research Minister – Digital Cooperation Organisation SG say

Cyprus’ role as a “thriving hub for innovation” Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Nicodemos Damianou, and Secretary General of the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO), Deemah AlYahya said here on Monday.
In statements before their meeting at the Presidential Palace, Damianou and AlYahya spoke of the importance of Cyprus, due to its geographical location and the government’s aim to “bridge nations, people, and ideas,” as the Deputy Minister said. Cyprus has been a member of DCO since 2022 and during this meeting the two parties aimed to discuss a potential deepening of their collaboration.
Damianou noted that the government “is strongly committed to advancing our digital landscape” and “places Digital Policy and Digital Transition as a top priority of our Governmental agenda”. He expressed the wish “to engage in meaningful discussions that will pave the way for stronger collaborative efforts in the region and beyond.”
“It is essential that we build and strengthen partnerships that can drive forward our mutual goals for fostering resilience, security and inclusivity in the digital realm; and this is what the Digital Cooperation Organisation stands for,” Damianou said, noting that digital technologies have become “the cornerstone of sustainable growth, social progress and well-being.”
The Deputy Minister also mentioned that Cyprus has already made significant strides in developing a robust digital economy and added that “it is fast developing into a regional technology and innovation hub, catering to the needs of businesses and organisations looking for a reliable gateway to Europe and the region.”
He spoke of the geostrategic location of Cyprus, which is the first EU member state to join the DCO, and noted that the aim is “to act as a bridge between nations, people and ideas, facilitating communication, collaboration and knowledge transfer, to the benefit of all.”
Damianou noted the visit of the DCO Secretary General “is testament to the strong bonds and shared vision” between the two parties and appeared confident that “it will lead to meaningful advancements and a deeper partnership between Cyprus and the DCO.”
On her behalf, the Secretary General of DCO, Deemah AlYahya, reaffirmed that “Cyprus stands as a strategic gateway for startups and technology-driven enterprises,” due to its location between three continents.
“This unique positioning has enabled this country to evolve into a thriving hub for innovation,” she added and noted that Cyprus is “a shining example of how collaborations between governments, the private sector, and innovators can drive sustainable development and economic prosperity.”
She also noted that Cyprus is playing a pivotal role in shaping the DCO collective vision and explained that the role of DCO is “to bridge digital divides and create inclusive opportunities, ensuring technology serves as a driver for positive change.”
“We, alongside our member states, are united in our efforts to ensure that digital opportunities are accessible to everyone, regardless of geography or background,” AlYahya said, underlining the importance of international cooperation and cross-border collaboration.
“By fostering an environment of mutual support and collective action, especially among our member states, the DCO drives meaningful progress and creates lasting impact,” she concluded, expressing an optimistic attitude.