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Bulgaria Receives Three People Injured in Nagorno-Karabakh Fuel Depot Blast

Bulgaria is aiding three people injured in a fuel depot explosion in Nagorno-Karabakh, the Health Ministry reported on Saturday.

The blast occurred on September 25. On the following day, the European Commission’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre asked the EU member states to provide aid.

The three injured persons were transported on a Spartan aircraft of the Bulgarian Air Force at the Health Ministry’s request. The crew comprised servicepersons from the Vrazhdebna Air Base near Sofia. The plane departed for Yerevan on October 6. A six-member medical team from the Military Medical Academy, led by Col. Maria Georgieva, were on board.

At 00:35 hrs on October 7, resuscitation ambulances took the patients from Sofia Airport and carried them to the Pirogov Emergency Hospital. The three foreign citizens are receiving special medical care at Pirogov’s Burns and Plastic Surgery Clinic.