France demands “independent investigations” to prove whether Serbia was behind “September 24”

The French ambassador in our country, Olivier Guérot, emphasizes the need to “accurately prove the facts” if Serbia is behind the September 24 terrorist attack in the village of Banjska in Zveçan, before punitive measures are taken against this country. However, in an interview for KosovaPress, he adds that “we cannot help but ask ourselves questions” after all that weaponry seized by the Kosovo authorities.

Guérot expresses France’s position when he declares that he expects Serbia to fully cooperate so that the perpetrators of this terrorist act can be brought to justice.

Although the leaders of the state of Kosovo declared that they cannot sit at the dialogue table with Serbia before sanctions are applied against president Aleksandar Vucic, Ambassador Guérot in a written interview for KosovaPress, states that the parties should not set conditions or declare unilaterally that dialogue is not a current issue.

According to him, the aggression of September 24 has only emphasized the need that dialogue is “the only possibility to resolve the current impasse through political means”.