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“Llogora” National Park, foreign tourists explore “Caesar’s Trail”

“Llogora” National Park, about 40 km southeast of Vlora, continues to be visited by a high number of foreign tourists even in the autumn season.

The Administration of Protected Areas Vlorë said that a group of foreign tourists visited the visitor center of the Llogora National Park, where they learned about the history and achievements of this park.

After that they chose to hike natural trails of the area.

The staff of Vlora Protection Zone Administration accompanied them during the visit to the “Caesar Trail” exploring the nature and biodiversity of the area more closely.

Llogora Park is a tourist attraction where accommodation and restaurant service are offered. The distinctive feature about this natural park is the combination of the mountain climate with the sea.

Its territory covers an area of 810 ha and lies at altitude from 470 to 2018 meters above sea level. In this territory lie several tourist villages such as Palasa, Dhërmiu, Vunoi, etc., which during the summer season are packed with foreign tourists.

 It is an ideal destination for practicing summer and winter sports, such as climbing, hiking, gaining indepth insights about the history and monuments of nature and culture, but also for air sports, where on the slope of the mountain overlooking the sea there is an airstrip for amateurs and professionals.