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Cyprus sees changes in its European Parliament political representation

Political representation to the European Parliament in Cyprus has changed following the European elections of June 9 since, for the first time an independent candidate has won a seat, leftwing AKEL managed to elect only one MEP instead of two while Social Democratic EDEK did not manage to elect an MEP.

Based on the final results as published in the official elections website of the Republic of Cyprus Democratic Rally (DISY) elects Loucas Fourlas and Michalis Hadjipantela, Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL) only elects Giorgos Georgiou, followed by independent Fidias Panayiotou, far right National Popular Front (ELAM) Geadis Geadi and Democratic Party (DIKO) Costas Mavrides.

DISY crossed the finish line first with 24.8% or 91,316 votes, AKEL followed with 21.67% or 79,163 votes, Fidias Panayiotou received 19.4% or 71,330 votes, ELAM 11.2% or 41,215 votes and DIKO 9.7% or 35,815 votes.

The rest of the parties running in the elections did not manage to elect an MEP.

EDEK lost its seat, it has held since Cyprus’ accession in the EU 20 years ago receiving 5.1% or 18,681 votes. Volt Cyprus a new part got 2.9% or 10,777 votes, Democratic Alliance (DEPA) received 2.2% or 7,988 votes, Ecologists Movement – Citizens Cooperation 1.3% or 4,742 votes, Active Citizens, Hunters Movement 1.2% or 4,603 votes, Animal Party Cyprus 0.3% or 1,013 votes, National Action Movement 0.3% or 719 votes, Andronikos Zervides 0.1% or 444 votes and Niki also 0.1% or 389 votes.