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Tirana International Airport hits an all time-high, 7.25 million passengers in 2023

“Mother Teresa” International Airport (TIA) says that 7.2 million tourists have traveled to Albania via this airport.

The data have been published on the official website of the airport, which considers the tourism of 2023 a milestone for our country. 

“ TIA proudly announces a milestone, having served 7,257,634 passengers throughout 2023. This achievement marks a significant increase of 40% compared to the previous year and 117% from 2019, strengthening TIA’s position as a key player in the regional aviation industry,” according to the press release from “Mother Teresa” International Airport.

The year 2023 showed steady growth during different months, highlighting the airport’s commitment to providing excellent services and boosting air travel.

“The cumulative total of 7,257,634 passengers in 2023 is a testament to TIA’s commitment to excellence, efficiency and passenger satisfaction. The airport has consistently exceeded expectations, reflecting the positive impact of strategic planning and investments in infrastructure,” according to sources from the “Mother Teresa” International Airport.

“Mother Teresa” International Airport expresses gratitude to its passengers, airline partners and stakeholders for contributing to this extraordinary achievement. 

The airport looks forward to continued growth and providing an unparalleled travel experience to all passengers in the years to come.