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Outstanding clarinettist Genti Dollani opens International Clarinet Festival

The fourth edition of the International Clarinet Festival has started in Kosovo.

The first evening of the festival was an amazing combination of passion and virtuosity. The outstanding clarinettist Genti Dollani and the Clarinet Ensemble lit up the stage with a performance full of passion and energy.

Genti Dollani is a well-known clarinetist with a distinguished and successful international career. He received his first lessons in the city of Berat and then attended the Academy of Arts in Tirana. Later on, he has achieved success at the international level. He is the laureate of many prizes as well as the founder of several well-known musical ensembles, such as the Apasionatti clarinet quartet and the Haize wind quintet and currently teaches at the Hendaye Music School in France.

Also, he is engaged in regional and symphony orchestras, serving as an important figure in the international music scene.

International Kosovo Clarinet Fest is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports./