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Winner Announced in Competition for Logo of Bulgaria‘s Eurozone Accession Campaign

Georgy Georgiev-Arshata is the winner of the competition for the selection of a logo, slogan and development of a brand book of the campaign for Bulgaria’s accession to the euro area, announced by the Finance Ministry. The results of the competition were presented on Friday at a press conference at the Finance Ministry.

The competition is part of the communication campaign for Bulgaria’s accession to the euro area. The aim of the campaign is to inform and fight misinformation, to answer real consumer questions from citizens and businesses, Deputy Finance Minister Ivaylo Iaydjiev said.

The competition was announced at the end of October last year and applicants had a month to develop and submit their projects. After the deadline, 22 projects were submitted by both individuals and companies, said Tatiana Proycheva, director of the Public Relations and Protocol Directorate at the Finance Ministry.

Currently, the MoF has undertaken a procedure to patent the sign in order to protect it from misuse or copyright infringement, Proycheva said.

The logo basically combines three elements – the symbol of the euro, the Bulgaria tricolour and the face of the European coin. The winner of the competition Georgi Georgiev explained that for his proposed slogan, which is “Unity Is Strength”, he based it on the legend of Khan Kubrat. “This is the first thing we learn in history at school. The legend tells us about the bundle of sticks he showed his sons and that when they are many, they are hard to break. The slogan is the most concise version of this legend – ‘Unity Is Strength’, we become united with the EU in another way by having a single currency,” Georgiev explained his idea for the campaign slogan.

Georgi Georgiev is 24 years old from Plovdiv and is about to graduate from the National Academy of Art.