Border weighing, what tolerances are allowed in Europe, will be accepted in Romania as well (Ciolacu)

Bucharest, Jan 18 /Agerpres/ – The government will approve to modify the way of carrying out control by weighing at the border crossing points, so that the limits regarding tolerances for exceeding weight of the trucks, applied according to the European legislation, are also allowed in Romania, declared Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu.

“We have several ordinances and government decisions in the field of transport as well, agreed together with the representatives of the transporters. Thus, we change the way of carrying out the control by weighing at the border crossing points and establish limits, according to European legislation, regarding the tolerances for exceeding the weight of trucks. What tolerances are allowed in Europe will be accepted here as well!,” declared Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, on Thursday, in the Government meeting.

He mentioned that the Executive will also approve clearer provisions that regulate the examination of people who want to obtain the initial attestation for car drivers transporting people or transporting goods.

In addition, he emphasized that as other draft normative acts from the agreed set with farmers and transporters will be completed, they will be quickly adopted by the Government.