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Well-known actor Mirush Kabashi dies while state leaders hold him in high esteem

The well-known actor of Albanian theatre and cinematography Mirush Kabashi died at 75.

Kabashi has been estimated as one of the greatest interpreters of poetry in Albania. He also numbers about 100 roles in theater and films.

Among the most special roles in the theatre is that of Socrates in the “Last Apology of Socrates”. The role of Socrates marks perhaps his artistic climax, where the interpretation capacity reaches truly commendable and internationally competitive levels.

In 1970, he graduated from the High Institute of Arts in Tirana and started working at the “Aleksandër Moisiu” theater in Durrës. Later on, he worked at the Albanian public Television and from 2002 onwards at the National Theatre. From 1985, he also worked as a teacher at the Academy of Arts.

He was declared “Best Actor” for the role of Sadush Neziri in the comedy “The Shadow of the Other” by Ruzhdi Pulaha at the National Festival of Professional Theaters in 1989. At the Balkan Theater Festival held in Corinth, Greece, he played the same role and was rated as one of the best actors, too.

In 1997, in the ninth edition of the Experimental Theater Festival organized in Cairo, Egypt, Mirush Kabashi was awarded the “Golden Sphinx” as the most successful performer among one thousand participating actors from forty-six countries around the world.

Kabashi has been awarded the titles “Honor of the Nation”, “Merited Artist” and “Great Master”.

The state leaders expressed their condolences for the death of well-known actor Mirush Kabashi.

President Bajram Begaj wrote in his message of condolences that Mirush Kabashi kept the love for art alive in us.

“Farewell, Mirush”, wrote Prime Minister Edi Rama in his message of condolences posted in the social media./