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Macedonian Scientific Institute Marks 100th Anniversary with Solemn Scientific Session

A solemn scientific session was held at the Aula of the St Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia on Monday to mark 100 years since the establishment of the Macedonian Scientific Institute, the organizers said. The event was organized by the Institute and Sofia University’s Faculty of History. 

The forum was unveiled by Prof Mira Markova, Dean of the Faculty of History. Macedonian Scientific Institute head Prof Georgi Nikolov spoke on the topic of the Institute’s history and present.

“Political polarisation, senseless feuds and hatred hinder the work of the parliament in Skopje, and we have seen this especially in recent months. This cannot help but tarnish the European future of our neighbour, which in fact we all want. There is no way that North Macedonia can slip into a package with Albania in the negotiations for accession to the European Union, since it is not complying with the Council’s recommendations, since there are several European decisions on this issue, since Bulgaria is setting its conditions and has been supported by its European partners. There is no way, no matter how many actions are carried out – behind the scenes and in front of the scenes, to start with the actual negotiations with the Republic of North Macedonia before the conditions are fulfilled to enshrine the rights of the Bulgarians in the Macedonian Constitution,” Vice President Iliana Iotova said in her speech.

She noted that it was the members of the Macedonian Scientific Institute who have been following these processes very closely over the years, have made analyses, have given ideas and recommendations, which unfortunately have not always been heard.

Bulgaria treats with understanding, tolerance and partnership all the countries that have expressed their desire to become part of the European Union, including the Republic of North Macedonia – since 2017, since the signing of the Good Neighbourhood Agreement, until now, our country has taken many concrete steps to help its neighbours, Iliana Iotova said. “Already in 2019, President Rumen Radev introduced in the dialogue with the Republic of North Macedonia the thesis of the necessary change in the Constitution and the recognition of the rights of the Bulgarians. The text for the change is ready, it has been submitted for consideration, but there is neither political nor public will for it to pass through the committees and the plenary,” the Vice President said in her speech.

The Macedonian Scientific Institute was established at the University of Sofia on December 21, 1923 by 52 Bulgarian intellectuals born in Macedonia, the scientific organization says on its website. The majority of the its founding members were renown historians, linguists, ethnographers, legal experts, writers, medical professionals, economics, painters, and others. They held important positions at prestigious scientific establishments, public and political organizations, and state institutions, which is why they were very popular and influential both in the country and abroad.