The two injured miners, in relatively good condition, will be released within the week

Two of the thirteen miners injured on Wednesday in the eleventh horizon of the Trepça mine in Stantërg, are in relatively good condition and continue to remain under medical care at the ‘Sami Haxhibeqiri’ hospital in Mitrovica.

Burim Gashi, ophthalmologist, informed KosovaPress that from yesterday to today, there are positive changes in these two patients.

According to him, they suffered eye burns with acid, while he expressed optimism that they will be released from the hospital within a week.

“The situation is relatively good. One of them is a little worse, the other better. From yesterday to today, there are changes for the better… Acid burns of the cornea and eye… We are monitoring the situation, based on the situation I saw today, I believe that the patients will be released within the week. This is not definitive, but depending on the situation, on the reactions”, said Gashi.